Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great infographics on Somali pirates

Wired as come up with a great set of graphics to explain the pirate situation around Somalia. The graphics are a little hard to manipulate at first, but it's worth the effort.

The graphics cover:
  • A map outlining the number of pirate attacks off Somalia and around Gulf of Aden since 2003. Also includes this fact: low level pirate can make $10k on a successful pirate attack, or about 17 times the annual per capita income in Somalia
  • An overview of attacks. Good fact: in 2008, only 0.2% of ships sailing in Somali waters were successfully hijacked
  • A look at the negotations. Highest payout? $3.2m for MV Faina
  • The last one is about a resolution. Good fact on this one: a $3m kidnapping and ransom insurance policy costs about $30k. Maybe the pirates are working for the insurance companies????
See the full infographic series.

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